CV | Biography

Studied at Associates in Art (Los Angeles, California)
Under Mark Westermoe

Associates in Art (Los Angeles, California)
-Figure drawing
-Figure quick sketch
-Head drawing

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (Van Nuys, California)
-Figure drawing
-Figure quick sketch
-Head drawing
-Figure painting
-Plein air landscape painting
-Work shop- Charcoal methods and materials
-Work shop-Landscape painting in Cabo SanLucas, Mexico 

Art Center School of Design (Pasadena, California)
Figure drawing
Head drawing

Laguna College of art and design (Laguna Beach, California)
-Figure drawing
-Figure painting

-Morseburg Gallery (Los Angles, California)
-Frederick Stern Gallery Ca
-Freemont Gallery Pasadena Ca

-Salon international 2006 Green House Gallery – Top 50 award
On location in Malibu 2006 Fredric R Weisman Museum of art
-96th annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition April 2007
Summer Salon Show Wendt Gallery Laguna Beach 2007
-97th annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition April 2008
-17th annual national juried exhibition, Oil Painters of America 2008
-98th annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition April 2009
On location in Malibu 2009 Fredric R Weisman Museum of art
-99th annual Gold medal juried exhibition June 2010
An award was received for best urban landscape by Art Ltd. Magazine
-100th annual Gold medal juried exhibition may 2011
-101st annual Gold medal juried exhibition may 2012
Gold medal award was received for best figurative painting

-American Artist (July 2006 issue)
“Making Rapid Progress in Painting” by M. Stephen Doherty
(An eight-page article featuring numerous full-color paintings and drawings and detailing guiding aesthetic principles)
-American Artist (April 2008 issue)
“Oil Painting Highlights”
-Expert instruction from 20 top painters (Articles over the last 4 years)
-“Making Rapid Progress in Painting” by Steven Doherty
-Southwest art (May 2008 issue)
“Artists to watch”

-Member of the California Art Club
-OPA artist member

Artist Statement and Biography:

My work focuses on my perceptions of present day life and is influenced by my memories growing up in two different worlds: Los Angeles and Mexico. This juxtaposition makes my vision and my work unique. My goal is to continuously record new experiences, focusing on interactions between people and their surroundings, both here in the United States and globally.

I was born in Mexico City in 1976 and moved with my family to the United States in 1979. Growing up in many parts of Los Angeles, I was exposed to many forms of aesthetic expression and always possessed a deep interest in art.

My early art was inspired by the visual storytelling of comic books.  As an adolescent taking part of the b-boy culture, the intricate shapes and designs of graffiti heavily influenced my artwork. Later, the popularity of the skate boarding and snow boarding industries supported illustration jobs in which I designed logos, clothing, and graphics for boards.  In [the mid-1990s], I became a tattoo artist and focused my energies in that field for approximately seven years, in addition to my illustration work.

In 1999, I decided to go to art school and chose a private school, Associates in Art, where I studied under Mark Westermoe, Bill Perkins, Kevin Chen and many others. During this time, I was exposed to artists such as Fechin, Zorn, Sorolla, Cornwell, Brangwin, Leyendecker and Velasquez, as well as Chinese and Russian academic work.  I was also heavily influenced during this time by little known Mexican artist Saturnino Herran. Under this direction, my education consisted of a structured approach to drawing and painting from life, live models, landscapes, and still life.  After a year and a half of study at the school, due to my rapid progress, I was invited to teach there, which I did from 2000 to 2002.  In 2002, I began teaching at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, where I continue to be an instructor today. I also currently teach at the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California, where I have been an instructor since 2004. And the Laguna College of art and design, in Laguna beach CA. 2007 – present. I have also started tattooing again 2012 forward.

2 Responses to CV | Biography

  1. Gerardo Galvan says:

    so much beautiful work brother, you are beyond talented and have so much work to inspire from… thank you

  2. Hello Sergio, I met you at The Ink and Iron event this past Saturday .
    I was assisting the photographer for Tattoo LIfe magazine from Italy.
    We shot some pics of The Ganesha piece you did. as well as the Galileo, DaVinci and Confusious piece.
    They are amazing ! I looked thru your website.
    I am speechless .
    A humble new fan of yours, H.

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